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ID Location Position
805 Alexandria, VA 3D Content Manager
806 Alexandria, VA 3D Content Specialist
813 Alexandria, VA Application Engineer II - Splunk
799 Alexandria, VA Applications Engineer I
797 Alexandria, VA Applications Engineer II
798 Alexandria, VA Applications Engineer II - SolarWinds
778 Alexandria, VA BOBJ Developer
777 Alexandria, VA BOBJ Developer - Web Intelligence
771 Alexandria, VA CMMS Database Administrator
769 Alexandria, VA CMMS Developer I
768 Alexandria, VA CMMS Developer II
766 Alexandria, VA CMMS Development Lead
774 Alexandria, VA CMMS Maintenance Planner
773 Alexandria, VA CMMS Maintenance Planner I
772 Alexandria, VA CMMS Maintenance Planner II
770 Alexandria, VA CMMS Mobile Developer
765 Alexandria, VA CMMS Operations Lead
767 Alexandria, VA CMMS Reporting and Mobile Development Lead
776 Alexandria, VA CMMS Scheduler/Trainer I
775 Alexandria, VA CMMS Scheduler/Trainer II
814 Alexandria, VA Configuration Librarian
804 Alexandria, VA Electronics Technician
762 Alexandria, VA Front-End Web/SharePoint Developer I
761 Alexandria, VA Front-End Web/SharePoint Developer II
760 Alexandria, VA Front-End Web/SharePoint Development Lead
807 Alexandria, VA Information Assurance Lead
812 Alexandria, VA Information Assurance Specialist - A&A
810 Alexandria, VA Information Assurance Specialist - AlarmNet
809 Alexandria, VA Information Assurance Specialist - CMMS
811 Alexandria, VA Information Assurance Specialist - SMSe
808 Alexandria, VA Information Security Specialist
786 Alexandria, VA Information Systems Training Specialist
790 Alexandria, VA Network Engineer I
789 Alexandria, VA Network Engineer II
782 Alexandria, VA NOC Lead
783 Alexandria, VA NOC Watch Specialist
780 Alexandria, VA Operations Manager (NSM)
781 Alexandria, VA Operations Systems Manager - AlarmNet
803 Alexandria, VA PC Configuration Specialist
801 Alexandria, VA Production Control Specialist
802 Alexandria, VA Project Coordinator
796 Alexandria, VA Senior Application Engineer
788 Alexandria, VA Senior Network Engineer
791 Alexandria, VA Senior Systems Architect
779 Alexandria, VA Service Desk Tier II Technician
764 Alexandria, VA SharePoint Service Desk Technician
800 Alexandria, VA Software Test Engineer
793 Alexandria, VA System Administrator III
792 Alexandria, VA Systems Administrator - Active Directory
795 Alexandria, VA Systems Administrator I
794 Alexandria, VA Systems Administrator II
785 Alexandria, VA Systems Engineer I
784 Alexandria, VA Systems Engineer II
787 Alexandria, VA Technical Writer
763 Alexandria, VA User Interface Designer
842 Chantilly, VA MSFT Windows System Administrator
830 Fairfax, VA AWS DevOps Cloud Engineer
323 Fairfax, VA Business Development, Federal Services
551 Fairfax, VA Director, Capture Management
751 Gambrills, MD IT Support Technician
844 Kearneysville WV Security Engineer (ITSEC) SE II
876 Kearneysville, WV IA Project Manager
21 n/a Generic Applications
274 OCONUS Technical Security System Installation Technician
865 Springfield, VA Architectural Drafter (CADD) I - DME
845 Springfield, VA Design Engineer - DME
866 Springfield, VA Electrician - DME
854 Springfield, VA Equipment Technician - DME
867 Springfield, VA Logistics Technician Specialist - DME
849 Springfield, VA Logistics Warehouse Technician - DME
847 Springfield, VA Master Repair Technician - DME
843 Springfield, VA Program Manager - Technical Security Services - DME
860 Springfield, VA Project Analyst - DME
859 Springfield, VA Project Coordinator - DME
851 Springfield, VA Project Engineer - DME
850 Springfield, VA Project Manager - DME
848 Springfield, VA Repair/Security Technician - DME
863 Springfield, VA Senior Analyst - DME
864 Springfield, VA Senior Architectural Drafter (CADD) II - DME
852 Springfield, VA Senior Engineer - DME
856 Springfield, VA Senior Installation Technician - DME
857 Springfield, VA Senior Installation Technician II - DME
861 Springfield, VA Senior Project Analyst - DME
858 Springfield, VA Senior Project Coordinator - DME
853 Springfield, VA Senior Technician - System Integrator - DME
862 Springfield, VA Technical Analyst - DME
855 Springfield, VA Technical Specialist - DME
846 Springfield, VA Technical Writer - DME
880 Springfield, VA Technical/Electronic Security Systems Engineer (clearance required)
871 Washington, D.C. Helpdesk Operations Analyst
874 Washington, DC Database Administrator
833 Washington, DC Penetration Tester / Analyst

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A Vision for Excellence
At USmax we understand the value of our most important asset, the employee. Our work environment fosters independent, employee-directed work. We constantly challenge our team members to explore alternate solutions, new technologies, and innovative work processes. USmax maintains a small company culture where positive rapport and trust permeates throughout all levels of the company. Even with constant collaboration, employees are recognized for their individual contributions to the continued success of USmax and its clients.
At USmax, we believe success lies in the strength of our people.We strive to promote a balance between work and family. We offer a comprehensive benefit package to sustain and enhance the employees' quality of life.
EEO Statement
USmax Corporation (USmax) is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Employment decisions are based on merit and business needs, and not on race, color, national origin or ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, creed, physical or mental disability, marital status, political affiliation, or any other factor protected by law.